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January 29, 2010

2Chic’s Top 9 of ‘09 {No. 7 of 9} Favorite "Lounge"

2009 was the year of the lounge {along with the candy table and unique place card display} We had a few lounges of our own and had fun with them all, but this one was truly special.

Cindy and Kevin flew in from Arizona one rainy afternoon to meet with me and see what in the world I had been raving about and trying to convey to them over the phone and via emailed photos: A “Southern Lounge” with dark wood wicker furniture, elegant pillows, chandeliers hanging from trees, large jugs of sweet tea and lemonade to be served in mason jars and blues music playing in the background {compliments of a few members of the Misa Malone Project out of San Francisco}. All of this, nestled into the “enchanted forest” area  at the beautiful Avio Vineyards surrounded by rolling hills and grapevines, was enough to make any southern girl melt! The decor was inspired by a front porch photo of a beautiful home in Hilton Head that Cindy had shown me when we first met. She fell in love with the details and the vision was brought to life. After the event, the divine satin pillows that Cindy was gushing over were my gift to her. Photos by Allison Stahl.

Allison Stahl Photography

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