January 15, 2018

Beaulieu Garden Wedding // Julie + Russell

This past August, I had the pleasure of assisting Julie and Russell with their gorgeous Beaulieu Garden wedding. And, when I say gorgeous, I mean everything from the bride and groom themselves to the perfect place settings on the tables, which you will see in the images below.

But First, A Little Backstory..

I will start by telling you that it was a great show of their strength and then some amazing luck that brought us to this incredibly sweet and gorgeous day. Julie and Russell’s vision for their day was an intimate destination wedding, which they planned from the east coast. They had spent months selecting all of the perfect vendors, flowers, food and the stunning setting.

Just as the excitement of this wedding was building, and shortly after Russell’s plane landed for their wedding weekend, I received a panicked call from Julie at about 10pm. Russell had made a quick stop in SF and while he was away from his rental car for a few minutes, the car was stolen. Inside, were their wedding rings, passports, the guys attire, the documents for their marriage license and all of their cash. ALL. STOLEN. Just 36 hours before their wedding day, it was all gone. We immediately began formulating a plan to pick up the pieces as Julie rushed to be with Russell.

After an intense search by the police department, the car was located at about 2am, ransacked by vagrants. Shockingly, the rings, cash and passports were recovered. Still missing were the suitcases, attire and marriage license paperwork. It was an intense 24 hours of coordinating to get it all back together so that we could move forward, but I happily jumped in to assist with what was almost a disastrous scenario.

As if that didn’t cause enough stress, and while they were still working on bouncing back from the crazy events that occurred, Julie and Russell discovered just 24 hours before the big day that they had hired a flighty officiant who no-showed to their rehearsal. Once again, I was on the phone and thankfully, one of my tried and true officiants came to the rescue.

The Happiest Ending

The ceremony turned out to be more beautiful than they had imagined because of the unforeseen change in officiants.  If there ever was an instance where something happened for a reason in my career, this was it. It was the most gorgeous, heartfelt, emotional ceremony, shared with just 18 of their friends and family.

Following the ceremony, the smooth sailing continued and this intimate celebration was one of my favorites to date. Even on the expansive property, this day felt so warm, sweet and special. Everything from the flowers to the cake and the al fresco dinner under the trellis were perfectly executed and this day was, I think, more than they could have ever imagined.

Enjoy these absolutely stunning images of this Beaulieu Garden wedding by the lovely Julie Mikos.

Beaulieu Garden Wedding Napa

Intimate Beaulieu Garden Wedding

Beaulieu Garden Wedding Photo

Intimate Beaulieu Garden Wedding

Beaulieu Garden Wedding with flowers by Valley Flora

Intimate Beaulieu Garden Wedding

Intimate Beaulieu Garden Elopement

Beaulieu Garden Wedding Design

Beaulieu Garden Wedding Flowers by Valley Flora

Beaulieu Garden wedding flowers by Valley Flora

Wedding Place Cards by Minted.com

Intimate Beaulieu Garden Wedding, Napa Elopement

Intimate Beaulieu Garden Wedding, Napa Elopement

Wedding Invitations by Minted.com

Intimate Beaulieu Garden Wedding, Napa Elopement

The amazing team behind this Beaulieu Garden Wedding:

Photography: Julie Mikos

Planning: 2Chic Events & Design

Venue: Beaulieu Gardens

Catering + Rentals: Paula LeDuc

Floral Design: Valley Flora

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