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May 29, 2012

The New & Refreshed Bridesmaid Dress

So most of us have been there…the dreaded bridesmaid dress. They never seem to be comfortable and never seem to be flattering, yet you grin and bear it. Today’s weddings are evolving and getting more and more personalized, but it seems that for some brides, there is one major detail being overlooked: old fashioned bridesmaids’ attire. We love it when a bride is bold enough to throw out the idea of matching dresses, one color palette, and synthetic fabrics and just go bold, have fun and think outside of the box. Brides, those girls standing by your side are your friends and family, not your army of clones. Who says they all have to look the same?


We have definitely been seeing this trend pick up over the past year {and we’re absolutely loving it!}. We’ve even see this at a few celebrity weddings {See Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton’s Wedding}.

Today’s fun, stylish and daring brides are choosing mix matched dresses and an array of colors, and fun patterns.One of my personal favorite trends is mixing and matching. To achieve this look (without clashing) first pick an overall color scheme. For example, if you are having a vintage inspired wedding, pick blushes, ivories, and greys. If you are a brave bride (and have confidence in your girls) ask them to start their search for an appropriate length dress that is in the your color scheme, try it on, and send you a picture. This allows each girl a comfortable amount of time to find that perfect dress and it saves you time and the headache of running from store to store to find several different dresses.


Another trend that is starting to pop up is prints. Bridesmaids dressed definitely don’t have to be limited to solid colors. Florals, stripes, and fun designs are a great way to liven up your wedding. One piece of advice though: if you are going with all different colors or patterns, try to limit the style of the dress (i.e. either keep them all long or all short, there should be a little bit of unity).


Your bridesmaids are there for you through your whole engagement process, through the sweat and tears, so how ’bout picking something that they will be comfortable in and maybe even wear again! Either way, no matter what you pick, if you have a good true bridesmaid they’ll probably wear it. But keep in mind, what goes around comes around, and eventually you too will be a bridesmaid.


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