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July 22, 2011

How to Beat the Heat at Your Summer Wedding

Summer has finally arrived {a little late this year but hot none-the-less}! With temperatures reaching triple digits in some areas, we thought we would share a few great tips on how to beat the summer heat.Of course, being indoors for portions of your wedding is the best way to beat the heat. But if your wedding is planned for outdoors, here are a few suggestions on keeping your guests cool.


When meeting at your wedding venue, ask the coordinator {or the resident} where the natural shade will be at the time of your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception and utilize those spaces. Naturally shaded areas will be much cooler than a tented area, which can sometimes hold the heat in. Most venue coordinators have noted where the shade will be at various times of the day/year.


Your ceremony is likely to be held at the hottest point in the day. Offering your guests chilled, rolled up towels {which can be passed butler style or placed at the back of the ceremony just as guests begin to arrive} and a fresh ice water or lemonade upon arrival is a great way to greet them and keep everyone cool through the ceremony. For some added comfort, choosing programs that double as fans is always a nice touch, too. And, if the area where your ceremony takes place is not shaded, offering parasols will help keep guests out of direct sun.


Serving chilled appetizers and side dishes with dinner is a great way to keep it fresh and light when it's time to eat. Consider chilled soup shooters at your cocktail hour and a chilled veggie salad rather than steamed veggies with dinner. And, if you'd like to keep things extra fun and cool, you may want to serve ice cream sandwiches in lieu of cake {Mmmm..}

Most importantly, keep those cool drinks flowing and make sure you've got plenty of water and ice on hand! Cheers to a fabulous summer wedding!


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