March 1, 2016

Mary + Patrick, Plumpjack Squaw Valley Wedding

“Love on the Truckee River” seems like a cute theme and hash tag for a wedding, right? I absolutely loved it. But, it wasn’t until I heard the toasts at Mary and Patrick’s Plumpjack Squaw Valley wedding that I truly understood what it meant. There was an incredible story behind the hashtag that was years in the making.

Mary and Patrick are two incredible people who were clearly destined to be together. And, I am being completely honest when I say that I have never seen two people more genuinely celebrated on their wedding day. No words could truly describe the energy in the room. And, though I didn’t know a single soul in the room at this wedding, aside from the bride and groom, I felt like they were all my best friends – simply because we were connected through this couple. Close to 200 people filled the resort that evening and had the most fun I have ever seen at a wedding, hands down. Enjoy some of the beautiful images via Eddy Mutch below.

Congratulations to the Sheehans whose second wedding day hash tag was “Sheehanigans”. Perfection.

Plumpjack Squaw Valley Wedding










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