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October 8, 2011

My Anniversary, My husband…and Me

This weekend marks my 7th wedding anniversary with my husband. I always see the Facebook posts about “7 years ago I married the man of my dreams”, etc. and I wanted to give something more than that to Mike.
I’m not sure why my 7th anniversary feels so much like a milestone to me but it does. And, I’m feeling quite sappy. I don’t normally post anything personal here and I pondered whether writing this would be appropriate. But then I reminded myself that 2Chic is about couples it’s about weddings and it’s about marriage so I think this fits. A little glimpse into mine…
I met Mike Wendell just over 10 years ago. We were friends for 3-4 years and both spent tons of time hanging out with mutual friends we called “the group”. And, how it happened one day ~ how we fell in love, I just couldn’t tell you. I remember sitting down with him one night at a friends house and telling him how I felt about him when I didn’t even know that I felt that way about him. It just happened instantly and it overwhelmed me like nothing I had ever felt before. I remember being scared, feeling stupid and telling him that I thought that he might possibly feel the same way about me if I wasn’t a single mom raising a little boy. To my surprise he did feel the same way. And, in that instant, Mike and I both decided to go there and we’ve never looked back.
I can’t say that Mike was the man of my dreams. I actually had much lower expectations of what I deserved {or would be able to find in L.A’s not so great singles market}, so I dreamt little at that time.  He was more like my knight in shining armor {armed with a fishing pole and a rifle instead of a sword}. And, what I have come to realize about Mike more than anything else is that he has always been effortless for me. He makes me a better person and he is my hero. He’s charming, he’s manly, he ambitious, he’s sexy, he gives the best hugs on earth just when you need them and he gets “me”, which isn’t easy to do. We laugh together,  we travel together, we smile from ear to ear watching our 5 year old little boy grow up together and we pour each other a drink when our teenager {yes, he is ours} acts like a teenager. But most of all, we dream together and support each other with everything that we have in us.
I’m so tahnkful for Mike’s support of me and all of my crazy goals and dreams. He gave me the ability to start 2Chic…and now, The Find. He may roll his eyes at me a lot, want to kill me for buying a 20 x 20 storage unit worth of event items that I “need” and wonder why in the hell I am so stressed about a mis-printed escort card. And, he definitely hates it when I say “huh?” every time he talks because I am so absorbed in work. But there’s a Merle Haggard song called “That’s the Way Love Goes” that has this line: “You ran with me chasing my rainbows”. That kind of sums it up for me. Mike has always run with me while I chased my dreams and I run with him, too because that IS the way love goes.
With ALL of that said…I’ll be out of the office this weekend, in Santa Barbara, enjoying our newest obsessions: driving to fun places to see reggae music shows and enjoying wine on the beach. I love you Mike. Happy Anniversary!

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  1. allison

    October 8th, 2011 at 4:34 pm

    Love your story. Thanks for sharing it…and a very super wonderful, fantabulous, happy anniversary to you both! Enjoy your time in the most beautiful city on earth. You deserve it!