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October 2, 2010

Programs {Should We?}

Hi, Have you met me? My name is Aimee and I am a huge non-traditionalist. I’m not big on favors, don’t care much for mainstream wedding music/songs and I cringe at the thought of a standard escort card display. If I step back and take a look at my own dislikes, it’s pretty clear that I’m not a fan of things that don’t directly contribute to the “feeling” of the event. Which brings me to programs…and my thoughts on them {which is quite similar to my feeling about favors}. If they’re not completely unique, personal, special and WOW, I say skip it. But, out of respect to those who are considering it ~ here are my Why’s and Why Not’s:


1. To thank your guests for attending, especially if they have traveled from afar.

2. To honor the memory of lost loved ones {this really is the most tactful way}.

3. To let people know who is standing next to you on your wedding day {and maybe even how you know them}.

4. To let guests know the order of the ceremony ~ especially if it’s a long one.

{Why Not’s}:

1. After any given wedding, I personally haul 80% of the programs out of the ceremony site. Total. Waste.

2. It’s not very green. Plain and simple.

3. It’s an additional expense ~ and those few hundred dollars can go so much further elsewhere.

4. A reception program is so much more fun!! {more on this to come}.

Just my two cents ~ thanks for listening! xoxo

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