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July 19, 2012

The Simple yet Beautiful Outdoors

In honor of summer, I thought I would keep up the outdoor wedding vibe. My inspiration here is more of a natural feel, with the beautiful landscape being the main focus. Who needs a ton of decorations when you have those gigantic trees as your backdrop? This really embodies the ‘less is more’ attitude. There are not any fancy tablescapes or extravagant wedding gowns, but instead more of a relaxed feel with no suit jackets and a hippie chic cotton dress. The small chandelier and pops of color in the bouquet give it just enough of a girly touch. Maybe after the reception you can hop in your old Ford truck and throw a line out on the lake! Or if you’re not feeling quite that outdoorsy, you can just use them as props for a memorable photo shoot.

Ceremony, bouquet, table, vests, truck, dress,  fishing hook

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