Yes, I am finally getting around to part II of this wedding post. After a little web site outage, a destination wedding and a personal vacation to Mexico, I am back and excited to share more of this lovely wedding with you. In Part I of this wedding post, I spent most of my time […]

Mailen + Andrew were married the first weekend of June in beautiful downtown Sacramento. Their Cathedral wedding was set to be an absolute show stopper. From the beautiful architecture of The Cathedral to the floral designs by Bloomers Floral Designs, we were all ready for an absolutely stunning day. And then…in walked Mailen…and Mailen’s dress […]

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the photos from Adriana and Lasaro’s wedding, which took place on February 13th at The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, one of Sacramento’s most beautiful gems! The Cathedral is overwhelming in all it’s grandeur and I always I get such a powerful feeling when I walk through the doors. Conducting a […]