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April 6, 2010

{Sneak Peek} Adriana & Lasaro's February Wedding

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the photos from Adriana and Lasaro’s wedding, which took place on February 13th at The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, one of Sacramento’s most beautiful gems! The Cathedral is overwhelming in all it’s grandeur and I always I get such a powerful feeling when I walk through the doors. Conducting a wedding in such a beautiful venue is truly a blessing in itself.

Adriana and Lasaro’s wedding was my first true Mexican wedding. When I say true, I mean that the entire ceremony was in Spanish, Mariachi’s played during the ceremony, they incorporated the lasso {a large rosary,  ribbon or a decorated cord that is symbolically draped around the necks or shoulders of the bride and the groom, groom first. It is placed in a horizontal figure eight (infinity) while they are kneeling at the altar, to affirm their union and their commitment to always be together side-by-side. The lazo is associated with a wedding prayer and takes place during the ceremony, after the bride and groom have exchanged their vows. The couple wears the lasso throughout the remainder of the service. At the end of the ceremony, the lasso is removed and is given to the Bride as a keepsake.} and a few other traditional Mexican  elements carried out with the help of Padrinos and Madrinas. It was absolutely beautiful and there was an enormous emphasis on family, which I loved.

I also love that there is still opportunity for me to learn and be enlightened about cultural practices. Adriana and Lasaro stayed very true to their Mexican heritage. Wait until you hear about the reception…coming soon! In the meantime, check out a few photos by Mary Gillespie. Enjoy!

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